Christopher Columbus: Hero or Villian? Essay

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been accused of things such as “stealing land” or “unnecessary brutality”, but the disease he brought, on accident, caused it. Even the enslaving of the natives, which was inappropriate and unnecessary, but that also advanced Europe. Some of his prime achievements however, are him bringing new plants and animals from the Hispaniola to Europe and Viceversa, another one is helping advance europe into a new age, and lastly proved it possible to cross the Atlantic ocean.Christopher Columbus was a man of many traits. He was ambitious, a strong leader, courageous, and passionate. He was not only an extremely important historical figure, but also a man who will forever be known as someone who changed the course of history. Along the way Columbus may have When Columbus “discovered” America, or what he thought was the West Indies, it opened up a wide range of plants and animals. With this he was able to create a trade route we know as the Columbian Exchange, which was when Hispaniola (Old World) and the Europe(New World) was able to exchange animals and plants. Some animals may include llamas, grey squirrels, honey bees, and chiggers. Some examples of plants will be peanuts, tomato, tobacco, chili peppers, and cassava. With this new trade route, Europe was able to connect the two areas, which circulated a wide variety of new crops and livestock, which supported increases in population in both hemispheres. Christopher Columbus didn't stop there, he helped advance Europe into a new age. With the Columbian exchange discovered, it applied a big impact on Europe. It supported Europe immensely advancing itself, it was a complete accident, but none the less, it helped Europe. With this it flooded Europe with gold and silver, the amount of resources upon the Hispaniola was where it really kicked off. It was great farming land, for every acre bought on the new colonized

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