Christopher Columbus: Hero or Murderer Essay

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Jim Wang Mr. Mark Garside 11th Honor Social Studies 8 October 2012 Christopher Columbus: Hero or Murderer? In most of the classrooms, people are taught that Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean and “discovered America.” The second Monday in October is celebrated across America as Columbus Day. It is a celebration of the man who “discovered” New World. In October 12, 1492, three ships—Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria arrived the Bahaman archipelago with Spanish flags and a group of murders, rapists, and muggers. This is the start of a new world, but it is also a start for a series of genocides and tragic! Many people may think that Columbus is a hero, however, I my opinion, I think Christopher Columbus is not a hero but a villain. It is widely accepted that Christopher Columbus “discovered” America, however, during 1492, millions of Native Americans already live on that giant lands. If America had been discovered by Columbus, how is that possible that there are people living on it? Moreover, it is also widely accepted that Columbus is the “first” one discover the New World. Nevertheless, the Vikings of Scandinavia in 11th century made it to Newfoundland. People also believe that Christopher Columbus “first” prove the fact that earth is round. In fact, Eratosthenes of Cyrene, a Greek astronomer, was the first one proved that the earth was spherical. When Christopher Columbus arrived the new world—America, he brought some gifts for the Natives, moreover, he also brought some little surprise for them, too. During 15th century, many diseases had been discovered, and people in Europe had already experienced various kinds of diseases, thus, European had different kind of antibody inside their body. However, all of these diseases are new to Native Americans, when Natives first infected by the diseases, there is no resistance for virus to infect them. Many natives

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