Christopher Columbus - Criminal or Hero? Essay

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Christopher Columbus - Criminal or Hero? In my full opinion I believe that Christopher Columbus was a Criminal. One of the reasons why I have this personal thought is because of his ill treatment to the Native Americans. An example would be his first arrival to the Americas, he immediately enslaved seven natives. There forced use was as translators for Columbus and his personal informants of the land, and where gold may be found. Second was the result that came from his arrival to the Americas, mass exchange of diseases foreign to the Old and New world. Next the Spaniards took advantage of the Naïve natives, and treated them “worse then animals in a slaughter home” as stated by Bartolomé de las Casas in his letter Hispaniola. Finally they used natives as slaves, they just called the name by something different so that the Indians would not realize, though the levels in slavery and this term were practically the same. As it is stated in “Christopher Columbus and the New World” when he first arrived in America he claimed the land immediately for Spain, then took seven Natives Prisoner in hopes they would lead him to there leader, as well as too all the gold there. Christopher realizing that the Indians were equipped with barely any weapons, and little knowledge of the other “world.” He immediately took advantage of the situation, scaring the Natives into submission by firing rounds from his cannon. He did this even after the chief of the Indian tribe he scared had assisted him in building the entire fort he then shot from. Once he got authority and respect from the Indians he practically forced the Indians into discovering and searching for gold, in his own benefit. Christopher soon returned back to England with the news of his great success to the royal family. He left the proclaimed land to 38 men, and put no rights or limitations on them. He did

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