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Christopher Columbus is somewhere in between a hero and a villain, he has his good qualities and his bad ones. He’s known to be a hero to many people, but also known to be a villain to other people. Sure it is said he is a hero and a great leader because he discovered America, and it was the most spectacular and most far reaching geographical discovery in recorded history, but in the not so bright side, Christopher Columbus and his followers destroyed the Indians by all manner of cruelty. The great sailor Christopher Columbus falls in a category of somewhere in between good and bad. The Spanish, with that including Columbus, enslaved, tortured and killed many of the natives. They dismembered, slayed, perturbed, afflicted, tormented, and destroyed the Indians by all manner of cruelty. On the Island of Hispaniola, of the above three millions souls that were once seen, there be no more than two hundred of those native people remaining. The island of Cuba was almost empty of population. The island of San Juan and that of Jamaica both been laid waste. On the island of Bahamas where there were once above five hundred thousand souls, there was not a living creature. Columbus and his men mistreated all these people in an effort to seek riches. The torture also came in as an idea to force them to convert to Christianity, since it was said he was on a mission to spread the religion, but Columbus had no right in doing so, because the natives weren’t hurting anyone what so ever. How can a person serve God and enslave Native Americans at the same time? It doesn’t make any sense as his brutality got worst. Christians were cruel, they got to the highest cruelty level in which they burned Indians alive. A person who claims to serve God will be loyal and respectful to not only God but to the rest of the people, but a villain on the other hand, does exactly what Christopher Columbus

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