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Christopher Columbus Essay

  • Submitted by: Dawg0101
  • on August 24, 2014
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How should we remember…?

To sum up Christopher Columbus would be nearly the same as summing up Joseph Stalin, Albert Einstein, or the infrequently mentioned King Leopold II.   When studied in a lesser grade or to the average scholar the three examples mentioned would either not be known at all (King Leopold) or be remembered for their minimal good deeds rather than their astronomical blunderings. To most Joseph Stalin would be remembered as a hero of WWII and as the ally of the United States against the Axis Powers, little do people know that just as Hitler was responsible for the death of 5.7 million Jews, Stalin engineered the demise of twenty million of his own people via government sponsored famine and execution. Albert Einstein indirectly caused the death of 240,000 people, citizens and soldiers through his theory and work in atomic warfare. His ideas were than used in WWII causing the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Lastly, King Leopold II who many scholars don’t even know existed was a Belgian King who reined in the late 1880’s, he killed untold millions of Africans during his invasion of the Congo for its natural resources primarily rubber. Most students can remember a time in 1st and 2nd grade when Thanksgiving came around brining home coloring sheets of Christopher Columbus and turkey’s and pilgrims. He was always known as the chief discoverer of the Americas and more specifically North America. Those teachers have lied to their pupils from the beginning. Christopher Columbus was not the 1st to discover the Americas but was simply the 1st with a respectable name and prestige to come across the pacific. Christopher not only was remembered as the first, but also his excursion was a farce in which he believed he had discovered another route to India hence the name given to the locals, but he had actually landed in the Caribbean and more specifically San Salvador what most know to be the Bahamas. Chris also directly engineered the deaths of 10,000...

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