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Peter Soileau September 20, 2013 English Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus was born in 1451, in Genoa, Italy. He lived by the Mediterranean Sea and wanted to be a sailor. He began sailing when he was fourteen years old. As he got older he sold maps and books to sailors. Then he became a map maker. In 1484, Christopher Columbus attempted to convince King John II of Portugal to sponsor his voyage west across the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal was satisfied with what they had achieved in Africa and India. They felt no desire to explore what had already had been a disappointing Atlantic. Then Columbus turned to Spain. In his first attempt he was unsuccessful, but in 1492, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain finally agreed to sponsor his voyage. Queen Isabella’s change of heart was because of her desire to spread Christianity and find new sources of wealth. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella had a contract with Christopher Columbus that if he discovered new islands he would be given the rank “Admiral of the Ocean Sea”. On August 2, 1492, his voyage began. He left with three ships. One larger one named the Santa Maria, and two smaller ones named Pinta and Nina. He had fifty-two men with him on the Santa Maria, and the other two ships held eighteen men each. Seventy-one days later on October 12, land was sighted. Columbus and his men planted a flag on the island and claimed the land which they named San Salvador for Spain. We know now that where he landed is the Bahamas which is southeast of Florida. Columbus returned to Spain, March 1493 with the good news. Christopher Columbus sailed on a second voyage in late 1493. He left with seventeen ships and twelve hundred men. On this voyage he discovered the Windward Islands and Leeward Islands. He explored what is now Puerto Rico. He returned to Spain with great

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