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Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus was a very adventurous person. He found a new world known as America, and was also the first Spaniard to set foot on America. He was a smart navigator and was an eager man. Christopher Columbus is not one to be called “the greatest of explorers”. He not only was cruel and greedy, but he was annoying and not the smartest. Christopher Columbus was a smart navigator; he learned how to read maps at age 25. Columbus also never gave up on man goals. His curiosity brought him very far in life. Anything Columbus was curious about, he would go learn more. Columbus was a man who read ancient Greek philosophy and medieval astrology. Everything that had involved with the shape of the world, Columbus studied. Columbus was rejected by many Kings that would be able to provide him ships and crews to travel through the Ocean Sea to get gold from Asia. He never gave up and was finally approved by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, in 1492. Finally, Columbus persuaded the King and Queen to sponsor his voyage. Columbus after sailed off to find Asia, he of course never found it, but found something new. He was the founder of the Americas. Columbus was the first Spaniard to sail to the Bahamas and be one of the first to find new land. Christopher Columbus was not known as “the greatest of explorers” to all. He may have found America and seemed as a determined person, but Columbus was a very greedy man. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella both agreed to sponsor his voyage after six years because Columbus annoyed them year after year. Columbus was greedy at getting what he wanted. His quest to Asia was nothing more than a quest for profit. When Columbus has sailed off, he had made it clear that he would get 10 percent of the riches of the land he finds, he would govern the lands he found, and wanted to be called “The Admiral of the

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