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The Untold Truth of Christopher Columbus All my life going to school I was told the heroic story of Christopher Columbus. He was an explorer who found the New World. When he headed West in hope to find Asia, he discovered the Americas and the Caribbean. He made friends with the natives and returned to Spain in exaltation. That happy-go-lucky story is missing a lot of facts, and just the outright truth. Christopher Columbus desired gold and to become a higher power in Spain. That was his only motivation; and because of that, Christopher Columbus did any and everything in his will to achieve his goal. Howard Zinn writes, “Profit was the driving force behind Columbus’s expedition and behind his actions after he landed” (29). Based on my new understanding and research, I completely agree with Zinn. Christopher Columbus set out to find gold and treasures and didn’t care what he did along the way. When Columbus arrived to the Americas and the Caribbean, he made a good impression on the native people. At first he was very kind, and friendly towards them. He saw them as innocent, beautiful, unique creatures. Because of how Columbus and the Europeans treated the natives at first, they grew to trust them. Columbus observed them physically and saw that they had very muscular bodies, and were somewhat animalistic, and would make very good slaves; so that is what he did. Columbus enslaved the natives to work to find gold and whatever was worthy to take back to Spain. Even though the natives were quite poor and didn’t have much to trade; they still traded the little they had. Columbus also noticed that the natives were easy to be taken advantage of. The natives spoke easily of what they knew and told Columbus everything and because of that he manipulated them into the Christian religion. “…for I see that they say very quickly everything that is said to them; and I believe

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