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[pic] Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who used to sail across oceans and\or seas to explore new routes and new lands and new markets. A new market is when a person or a group look for other nations or countries to trade and sell materials with. For example: If China produces lots of rice and has more than enough they would sell it to Canada because they cannot grow rice so it would be more expensive which means that China’s government would make more profit out of it. In this biography I will be talking about Christopher Columbus’s personal life, childhood, expeditions and achievements. PERSONAL LIFE Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy between August 25th-October 31st in 1451. On May 20th 1506 the greatest explorer of all time Christopher Columbus died. His father’s name was Domino Colombo. His father used to be a wool weaver. His father worked as a gatekeeper and a wine merchant. He helped his father weave wool but he always wanted to explore the oceans and find new lands. His mother’s name was Susanna Fontanarosa. Christopher had three brothers, Bartolomeo, Giovanni, and Giacomo. CHILDHOOD During Christopher Columbus’s childhood his family was poor. He studied at a Monastery and only learned basic Latin and Math. While he was at monastery he needed to be tutored. Even though Christopher only got an education till the age of fourteen he taught himself how to read Latin write Castilian. According to his writings he went to sea at an early age of only 10. he spoke Genoese dialect. 1473, at the age of 22 he began his apprenticeship as a business agent. EXPEDITIONS When Christopher Columbus decided to sail, he wanted to sail under the flag of Portugal. So he went to King John The 2nd , the dictator of Portugal to offer him his suggestion but he was kicked out of the courtroom because King John the 2nd

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