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Running head: Christopher Columbus Abstract Christopher Columbus set sail in search of new land. He was in search for riches to return to his Majesty. He wrote descriptive letters of his new experiences. He wrote about feelings and turmoil that went on during his journey. He described the land and the people. He had feelings of gratitude and feelings of sadness. He knew was born to do this voyage. God played a big part of this journey and was a great leader for Christopher Columbus. In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Christopher Columbus set sail to find new land and to back riches for his high Majesty. His voyage had many experiences and challenges. Christopher Columbus was a smart brave man. He handled all situations with pride and faith. He wrote about his journey with great description and feeling. What did Christopher Columbus see and what did he think about it? How did he express himself? When Christopher Columbus saw new Indians or new people he was grateful and cautious at the same time. He wrote about the people; the way they dressed and the way they lived. He described the area with feeling. He wrote about the beauty of the land, the mountains, birds and the plants. He described the weather. He wrote about the way the people cooked their food and why they ate meat and spiced there food. Christopher Columbus used great description. He really wanted the reader to feel and see what he was. As the reader I can close my eyes and see the people, the land, the surroundings, and I can hear the conversations he had with his new friends. He described how a certain group of people would give their heart for nothing in return. This voyage was a great experience with challenges that were overcome. What role did Christopher Columbus see for himself? How did God play a role in his life during the writing of his

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