Christmas Time Essay

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Kera Super B1 Due: 12/18/14 Kinder sat in front of the frozen fountain with her acoustic guitar in her lap. Her fingers were stiff due to the wintery temperature. The day was cold and snowy with a chilly breeze that had no sign of stopping. Everyone in the park was either sitting on benches or walking through the snow. It wasn't all that bad, but the numbing air was no help. Kinder managed to play some kind of tune before stopping to warm her hands again. It was Christmas Eve and all the people were being merry. Kinder knew the holidays were supposed to be happy and joyous. Filled with laughter and cheer, but she didn't have anyone to spend the holidays with. Her parents had departed from the living a few months ago only to join those who have deceased leaving her alone. She thought about joining her friends for the holiday festivities though it wouldn't be the same. “Hey, Kinder.” a girl called out with that cheery tone. “Hi, Danny.” Kinder called out. She grabbed her guitar then hiked over to greet her friend. Danny pulled Kinder in for a warm hug, “a little chilly to be playing don't you think?” she smiled brightly. Kinder smiled a small smile, “no not really” she let a frown form on her face. Danny was concerned, “hey what’s wrong?” Kinder cleared her head, “guess you're right about the cold.” she hugged her guitar close to her. “Hey. Let’s get the hay out of here.” Danny took Kinder’s free arm, dragging her to the nearest cafe. The two enter the place with red cheeks and chattering teeth. Both were shivering as they found a table to warm up. The cafe was decent with colorful lights hanging from the ceiling, and a mini Christmas tree was placed in front of the window for display. Danny pulled a chair out for Kinder motioning for her to have a seat. After the girls seated themselves, a waitress came over to take their order.
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