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The piece of art work I chose to write my essay on is Martin Ridley’s painting, Flight of the Black Grouse. In this painting, it is early morning. The sun is just rising over the hills in the distance and has turned the sky golden and amber. I imagine that the air is a bitter cold. It would sting and feel harsh against your unprotected skin. Your breath would freeze and change to a visible white puff of smoke once it touched the cold air. The air would smell clean and fresh with a hint of fire wood smoke from a house chimney nearby. The branches on the trees are bare and bleak. All of their leaves have turned color from the changing of the seasons and descended to the ground where they have since been covered by the fallen snow. The snow has been undisturbed and untouched. It reflects the tawny colors from the sun and no longer looks like its original crisp white. In the painting, a flock of grouse flies by not knowing they are the only witnesses to the serene beauty of this meadow. Their piercing calls to each other disrupt the silent stillness of the morning. After looking at the snow covered wonderland in the panting, I thought of memories from past Christmases at my grandparent’s house. My younger brother and would start looking forward to Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving passed every year. The whole idea of happy family being together, decorating the tree, and opening presents was the most exciting part of the year for us. Every year my family would travel from our different parts of the state to gather and my mother’s parent’s house. My grandparents live outside of a tiny rural town in a cozy little farm house. Their house is surrounded by sloped hay fields that look much like the field in the mentioned painting. The night before Christmas, my brother and I would help my grandma and mom make cookies that were to be left for Santa. I remember my grandma

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