christmas gifts Essay

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Christmas gifts Rahul, a kid in 5th standard was having his last day of school before his Christmas holidays. The class teacher addressed the class, "Boys, when you come to classes after holidays you should submit a report on how you spent your holidays". The whole class sang in chorus, "ok! Miss” The bell rang; Rahul and his friends started walking towards home. All his friends had plans about spending their Christmas, but Rahul had none. As usual Rahul went to the nearby ice-cream parlor where his dad usually comes to pick him up. After few minutes Rohan’s car stopped in front of the parlor. Rahul went and hugged his dad. Rohan bought an ice-cream for Rahul and they both got into the car. As Rohan drove, he noticed an unexpected silence from Rahul. "What Jr. Rohan? Why so silent today?" Rohan asked as he tickled his son. "Dad, from tomorrow holiday" Rahul with a sad tone. "Hey Rahul, what happened with you? Two days back you were so eager about the holidays and now saying like this." "Yes dad! But yesterday only I knew about your tight schedule for the week. Who will play with me then? " "Hey Jr. your bro is there, mom is there Dhadhi ma is there. You can play with them. And I promise you to spend the nights with you". "Who bro? Funny dad. He always thinks playing with me is like playing with some 2yr old kid and case of mama and dhadhi is so worse, they themselves have no time to fight with each other". Rohan couldn’t stop laughing as he heard his son's view about everyone at home. "Then, I have one idea Rahul, and if you are willing to do that job, you will get daily payment". Rahul was really excited to hear this; if he accepted that job he could manage his expenses on his own till Christmas. "Ok! Dad, I accept. You say what is that I am supposed to do?" "Nothing much, you have to keep your ears open. I mean you have
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