Christmas Dinner Isolation

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Ashley Burkes ENC 1101 M-W Christmas Dinner Isolation For nearly every individual family usually comes first. The love that one has for their parents, children, or siblings is usually unprecedented in comparison to the love an individual develops with strangers. However, I have always felt somewhat separated from my family. I have an undeniable love for them, but it would appear that everyone within my family is closer to each other than they are with me. I’m not quite sure how that developed, but it is noticeable. I had accepted this and quite frankly at the time it didn’t even phase me. All of that changed Christmas morning of 2006. Due to a fight between me and my grandmother and finally putting into words what I had been thinking for years, my true feelings were revealed and I was enabled to finally, at last make a connection with kin. My mother nor my father bothered to take an active role within my life so therefore I had been living with my great-grandmother since I was an infant. Today, I have the utmost love and respect for her and everything that she and my grandfather had done and are still doing for me, but at the time I was a bitter teenager who did not understand why my family situation was so grim. Although my mother wasn’t completely absent within my life, time and time again she had chosen narcotics over me and my younger sister and was content with us living with my grandmother and not her. In her mind, and to this day she still believes that it is best that we are/were with her ignoring what having an absentee mother psychologically does to her children. She tended to visit and call us at her leisure, and for that I was spiteful. When my family gathered together that Christmas morning my mother was there and I was ignoring her. I was frustrated with her for her and her life decisions and I felt that she needed to be punished in someway. I

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