Christmas in Denmark

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Zach and I are doing a project on how the Christmas holiday is celebrated in Denmark. Christmas is a huge holiday to people in Denmark, so it is celebrated with lots of spirit and love. Although the Christmas has many similarities to ours, they also have different beliefs, feelings, and decorations. They tell stories about the elf Julnisse, who is also called Nisse. Celebrating Christmas there is a great experience, and everybody is joyful and thankful. If the American Thanksgiving and Christmas were combined into one big holiday, it would be like Denmark’s Christmas. For the children, it starts December 1st, and they count down the days until Christmas eve. To get into the spirit the families sing Christmas carols, and set up decorations on the days before the 25th. The carols are very similar to ours, and include Frosty the Snowman#, Joy to the World#, Silent Night#, and the ever-popular Jingle Bells#. Every door in town has an advent wreath up by Christmas day. Another popular thing to decorate your yard is to have endless strings of Christmas lights. Indoors, there would be an uncountable number of candles throughout the house, and the Danish flag hung up in just about every room. Of course, like USA, they also have a Christmas tree, but they have something we don’t have. They have family trees, as well as a large one up in the middle of town, that everybody can decorate. The trees are usually cut down by themselves, because they don’t have many people that sell them. Parents secretly decorate the trees themselves with glass balls, bright colored paper bits, stars, lights, candies, and pictures. The children are not allowed to see the tree until Christmas Eve. On the first week of Advent, the Mayor of Copenhagen lights a huge spruce, a gift to the people of Denmark from their neighbors in Norway. Then, every Sunday in Advent people are invited to join in

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