Christmas Controversy Essay

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The Christmas Controversy December 25, commonly known as Christmas day, has been a declared federal holiday since June 26, 1870 (The History of Christmas Christ). Christmas day represents the birth of Jesus Christ within the Christian religion. But how could a celebrating a holiday raise any sort of controversy within society? The United States government is supposed to take a neutral approach on the issue of religion and is forbidden to establish a law regarding religion, which is stated in the first amendment of the constitution (Is Christmas Unconstitutional). Therefore, some individuals within society are outraged that the federal government has the power to establish a national holiday based on one particular religion. The government should not be allowed to recognize a holiday based on a certain religion when our country is based on a set of guidelines that allows one to worship whomever they please, if anyone at all. The government takes a public approach on this by spending tax dollars decorating using symbols such as reindeer, Christmas trees, and Santa Clause that are particularly associated with Christmas. This display portrays the favor of the Christianity religion over all other religions. For example, December is a month filled with many religious holidays, although Christmas is the only federal holiday recognized in December (2012 Federal Holidays). In that case, people that follow any other religion besides Christianity, still have to work on their biggest holidays of the year but the vast majority of Christians do not. This is not fair or equal within society and clearly shows that Christmas should not be recognized as a national holiday. Will trying to fight this recognition of the declared federal holiday of Christmas in court be effective? The answer to that would have to be maybe. Attempting to get Christmas, as a national
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