Christmas Carol Scrooge Character Analysis

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Dickens presents the change in Scrooge from being a mean man to being generous and well spoken person, from reading the novel The Christmas Carol it shows the reality of Victorian London in the mid 19th century also the readers would realise that this still relates to this day and age as poor working, living and housing conditions are still drastically affecting much of the world. Throughout the novel Dickens presents the transformation of Scrooges personality over 5 staves in which three ghosts appeared to scare him so that he would mend in bad ways. A good example of Scrooges transformation is the ghost of Christmas present shows scrooge how Tiny Tim is doomed because he is partially disabled, in this part of the novel Scrooges heart turned and felt for the Cratchit family. The Ghost of Christmas present also shows a boy of ignorance and a girl of want, showing both Scrooge and the reader the harsh reality of…show more content…
Before Scrooge had a change in personality he always had to say Bah humbug Scrooge reverted to bah humbug when ever he didn’t like something or someone. From reading the second stave ‘the first of the three spirits’ the reader would feel sympathy for scrooge as the ghost of Christmas past revealed Scrooges childhood, before the first of the three spirits visited Scrooge, the reader would be able to distinguish that Scrooge was rather mind boggled and confused and still wouldn’t believe if he dreamt Marleys ghost, so Scrooge waited in suspense to find out if everything that was happening was real or not. Dickens uses descriptive language when describing the first of the three spirits “it was a strange like figure….. Which it now held under it
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