Christmas And Hanukkah: Different Cultures In December

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Christmas and Hanukkah: Different Cultures in December Hanukkah and Christmas, do people really know what their true meanings are anymore? People all over the world celebrate Christmas in their own way with their distinguishing characteristics. Everyone should be aware of the different cultures and how they celebrate similar holidays. Christmas and Hanukkah have many different details and they have evolved over time since they first began. The way people dress, the way that things are decorated, and they have become more conventional, for each holiday. Both of the holidays come around the same time and are essentially put together but in fact they are very different from each other. Some people sometimes mistake that Hanukkah is the same as Christmas but they both have their distinct features. Christmas and Hanukkah are two separate holidays with their very own separate meanings. Christmas is a widely celebrated holiday. It is celebrated not only in the United States but all over the world. Some distinct characteristics about Christmas are that over the years it has become very commercial. Some would say that people have forgotten the real purpose of Christmas and the true meaning. Christmas can be explained as a time of gathering, a time for family to get together and share time and love. This is what the values of Christmas were; now things are not the same. It is becoming more about who gets what and how much stuff a person gets. The Christmas holiday has been contaminated with advertising commercials and sales that stores put on; it is as if they have taken away Christmas all together and just made it a huge selling point. But there are still some hopes for a conventional Christmas, according to Crittenden, “This year is no different, despite the grinchy economic pall that has fallen over retailers. In some ways, the recession will only add to…for once the
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