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MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 Greetings Family & Friends; It seems that I just finished writing a newsletter from last year, but yes, it is here already, another year almost gone. Wow! That year went whizzing by, did it now? Hope all has been well with all of you & that the economy was not too hard on you. This year has been a bit quiet for us. But there are some tidbits to include in this letter that we thought would be interesting to bring you up to date now. So, here goes & hope you enjoy. We did make that trip to Georgia late last year for our niece’s wedding & had a great time. After the wedding we stayed in Georgia for a few extra days with my 2 sisters who live close to each other so we saw a lot of them & enjoyed every minute. This year has just about been the same for Connie & me in that I am still doing the meal delivery & Connie still is fully retired. In the last month or so, our lives have changed in the way of events going on with some of the children & it keeps us on our toes as I will explain those events now. Well, as for our lovely children, I will start with our youngest, Jennifer. Jennifer, Donovan, and Dayna are back in Florida from Tennessee. They are temporarily staying with Connie and me for the time being. They moved to Tennessee and were there for about 16 months. Jennifer is working at another day care school as one of the toddler teachers. She really enjoys working there. Donovan is now (12) and in sixth grade, middle school. He enjoys playing his video games, drawing, and watching his TV. As for Dayna, she is now (10) and in the fourth grade. She keeps herself busy playing with friends, riding her bike, and spends time with her Aunt Carol. Hunter their dog loves playing with our other two dogs and eyes our cat all the time. Our son Michael retired from the Air Force

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