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Maria Santos Professor Ucci English 101-College Writing October 17, 2012 Christina’s World Andrew Wyeth’s picture “Christina’s World” is a beautiful landscape of tall grass among a gray gloomy sky. The painting reveals a cloudy day and the author’s use of gray colors and shadows is extraordinary. The picture depicts a house in the distance, in the middle of an open field with its front facing the viewer, it is gray in color and it seems to be an older rural style home with a wire fence surrounding the front it. I would describe it as an older colonial style house. In the picture Wyeth painted every blade of grass, the grass closer to the home seems to be mowed and more yellow in color, while the grass further away from the home is taller and greener. A barn and other small outbuildings are adjacent to the house. The painting shows the side of the barn. It is tall and gray in color and it stands a few feet to the left of the home. The outbuildings are to the right of the house as if almost attached. Away from the home the painter depicts a white slim female, in her mid-thirties lying on the tall brownish grass in the middle of an open field looking up at the gray house on the horizon. The woman is wearing a light pink dress that comes down below her knee with a thin black belt around the waist, white stockings and gray shoes. Her hair is black and tied loosely in a ponytail, strands of her hair are blowing in the wind. Based on the position of the woman’s body, it seems as though she is using her upper body to drag her lower body through the grass and heading towards the house. We are unable to see her face only the back of her body. This motion seems to be a challenge for her as if she is unable to stand and walk toward the house. To you and I this may not seem like a very difficult task but to this woman who is paralyzed from the waist down, it

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