Christianity & Women Essay

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So Christianity is based on the social movement of one man who picked 12 men to help him reach out to “people from all levels of society, especially those considered unclean by the Jewish temple priests and rabbis” (Fisher, 2007, p. 191). Of course women are considered to be unclean because of our ability to populate the earth and to nurture life, right behind the poor, the handicapped, sinners, prostitutes, diseased people, and even tax collectors. The Jewish Rabbi’s and Priests thought themselves to be of a higher class, or caste, then the societies in which they preached. As I contemplate this behavior I recognize the influence in today’s discriminatory and unempathetical behavior that is rampant within our society. I’m no saint. My first impressions and feelings of the dirty, smelly, smoking, homeless looking street guys and gals waiting to buy fake marijuana downtown every morning are of disgust and indignation. It is only after that first split second judgment do I then have to remind myself that they too are human, like me, and that I have no business judging someone else’s life, but that if given the opportunity I should step up and contribute what I can to make a difference for the destitute. Jesus took it onto himself to recognize those deemed not “good enough” for Judaism. It does not surprise me that women were a large part in spreading the Gospel beyond Israel as missionaries. Up until this point the only freedom women have been given is the freedom to reign over their own households. This naturally sets the stage for meeting with other stay at home, shunned women while the kids are out building pyramids and riding camels. Oprah thought she was innovative with her book club, but really women have been doing it for centuries. “Details are sparse, but there is enough material to be sure that women were among the missionaries, and that women

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