Christianity Vs Islam

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The spread of Christianity and Islam Differed in their dispersal through political control, but were similar through the ways that these religions were spread through rapid economical trade and societal infrastructure in society. Christianity and Islam diverged in their spread through political conquest and control throughout communities and societies. Christianity was disseminated throughout Europe in a generally calm manner. For example, many missionaries would take pilgrimages to foreign lands and communities to share the ideas and teachings of Christianity. On the other hand, the spread of islam typically took its roots in the middle east and Africa and was brutally violent and aggressive. Islam was propogated by strong muslim conquest. Eventually, political leaders took notice and adopted these religions. Christianity and islam diffused their roots differently throughout politics. Both islam and Christianity publicized through societies fiscally through rapid trade and economic systems. The rise, conversion, and spread of islam had spurred from the idea that muslims could escape the expensive taxe that was charged on non-muslims, for the conversion did not require extensive knowledge of the faith. As the conversion of islam rapidly spread, trade encouraged ideas of islam to dispurse along the Indian ocean Maritime System. Also, Christianity was diffused similarly through trade systems entwined within Europe. Traders and merchants picked up the Christian religion and adopted and spread these teachings into their home towns. Christianity and islam were similar in the way that their religions spread throughout societal infrastructures. Both religions spread without dependency among a single ethnic group. This factor welcomed many ethnicities and societies to convert to one of these religions. Also, when a political, religious, or social leader converted to
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