Christianity And Wicca Similarities

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Jesus Christ and Witchcraft In this life, everyone has something they value. For a lot of people, that value is religion. What is religion? Religion is the belief of a super figure with some sort of power, for example, Jesus Christ or Aphrodite. Jesus Christ is an important part of a religion called Christianity and Aphrodite is a part of a religion called Wicca. Christianity and Wicca contain many differences and similarities, like the origin, the Gods or Goddesses, the good or bad in people, their view of the afterlife, rituals, and guidelines. Although Wicca was popularized in the 1960s, by Gerald Gardner, that does not mean it did not exist before that era. Archaeologists have found evidence that shows that Wicca has been practiced for…show more content…
However, there are three ways to view God; this is called the Holy Trinity. It represents God as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The Holy Trinity is a mystery of the Christian religion; however there are explanations for why it is the way it is. According to Father Abraam D. Sleman, Christians say “God the Father,” because He is the father of Jesus Christ and he is our Father. Explained earlier, God chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus. God then created a miracle, allowing Mary to be pregnant while still having her virginity. This obviously explains why God is the father of Jesus Christ. Next, God is our father, meaning he is our creator. Christians believe that we are living and moving because of God, if it was not for him we would not be here. An example given by Fr. Abraam D. Sleman is, “Adam is also called ‘the Son of God’ (Luke 3:38). ‘Adam’s father was God’ (Luke 3:38 TLB), as it is paraphrased in The Living Bible. Also, ‘the angels are sons of God’, (Job 1:6 NIV, TLB), in a sense that they are His creation.” (Sleman 12). After “God the Father,” there is “God the son,” meaning Jesus Christ is God’s son and also, a representation of God himself. Christians believe if they believe in the “son of God,” then they believe in God as a whole. Lastly, there is “God the Holy Spirit,” which is the power of God. Christians see that God gives life and he lives through His own spirit. This…show more content…
One not so know Christian holiday is called Advent. Advent is the four weeks before Christmas and it marks the beginning of the church year. It gives Christians anticipation and hope that Jesus will arrive and start a new kingdom. However, only traditional Christians celebrate this, for it is not often celebrated in today’s age. When it is, the colors blue and purple are used, and children often receive chocolate treats each day. One most people celebrate, is Christmas. This is celebration of Jesus’ birth, which is unknown, but Christians have been celebrating it on December 25 for over hundreds of years. Christian traditions on Christmas include going to Christmas Eve mass or Christmas day mass. Christians go to thank God for providing the world with Jesus. However, a lot of other traditions on Christmas have little to do with Christianity. For example, Santa Claus is a man dressed in a red suit with a white beard, who travels around the world giving presents to the good children of the world. However, “Santa Claus relates to St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children.” (Penney 38). Still, the main purpose is for Christians to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Most holidays anymore do not celebrate a

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