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Running head: How Ultimate Reality, God, and Human Nature Help Form My Personal Worldview How Ultimate Reality, God, and Human Nature Help Form My Personal Worldview Dorrian G. Robinson II Grand Canyon University CWV-101 Christian Worldview November 7, 2010 We live in a world that has a variety of cultures, ethnics, religions, and beliefs. Because of this difference in enviroment and community, along with our ability to think freely, we have culturavated beliefs, practices, and opinions that differ throughout the world. As science and technology continues to advance, we remain living in an age where not every question has an answer. And not every answer has concrete proof. Some of us has chosen the easier path and reinvented our own personal set of morals and values that we utilize in our everyday life. Some of us has chosen a more logical approach and rather not discuss the more complex ideas. Does the person that attempts to prove the existance of God have a more difficult task at hand than the person that attempts to prove he doesn’t exist? My answer is simple, if God is removed from the equation, the puzzle will never be complete. My worldview is that God is the creator of all the things that we percieve and the ones that we percieve not. The three components that make up my worldview are ultimate reality, God, and humna nature because they shaped my thoughts, experiences, education, and life experiences. Ulitmate Reality Our ulitimate reality is defined by the things we can see and prove. The things we can’t see is proven by our contributions and destructions of our past. We don’t have a cure for every sickness and disease and we are still finding new species of all kind on our planet. However, the human mind is God-created, and we honor God by using our minds and thinking His thoughts after Him. (Pg 13

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