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Kaylynn Heidenreich CWV-101 3.31.13 Mike Richardson During my Christian Worldview class, I learned about Jesus’ life and His biblical principles. In this reflection I will summarize three of the topics I have learned and then explain how they apply to my life. One thing I learned about was Jesus’ teachings. Jesus would go around and teach people the way of God. According to Matthew 5, Jesus teaches about anger, sexual sin, divorce, making promises, revenge, and to always love your enemy. Jesus teaches this because he wants others to be accepted by God and be his image just like he is. By doing this, Jesus is working up his trust in God, therefore; guaranteeing those who follow him eternal life with God. Also, in Matthew 6, Jesus teaches about giving, prayer, fasting, and only loving one God. One thing I found interesting in Matthew 6 was the giving section. A lot of people think that when you give, you need to show it off, but that is not the way that God wants you to give. If you give, do it because you want to and do not announce it. It is not as impressive if you announce it to the world. If you do it in private, God will still see you. He will reward you. In Matthew 7, Jesus mostly just gives advice on how to get to Heaven and how to get to Hell, and do not forget to ask God for what you need. Another thing I learned was about Jesus’ death and resurrection. According to Luke 22 Jesus gets arrested by the doing of Judas. Jesus goes before Jewish leaders where they decide to crucify him. It is even then that Jesus begs of God “Father, forgive them. They don’t know what they are doing.” (Lucas 23:34). When Jesus died, it turned dark throughout the land. He was then buried by a man who followed the ways of God. That Sunday, now called Easter Sunday, people began talking about how Jesus was resurrected. (Lucas 24). Jesus then appears

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