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Cornerstone University Toni Davis Issues in HR Management HR: The Christian Perspective June 11, 2012 HR: The Christian Perspective As Christians there always seems to be a struggle when trying to find a balance between work and Christianity. Although the two can co-exist within a person’s life, unless the person’s job is a ministry of some sort, there is usually little impact within the workplace. When we work in an environment, we should be change agents and bring an element of a Christian worldview to adjust the atmosphere. God is concerned that organizations are not in bondage, the same way he is concerned with individuals not being in bondage. Therefore, he needs individuals to head departments such as Human Resources and implement godly principles within the organization. Christian Worldview The Perspective Management is used in every aspect of our life, from managing our families and finances to organizing schedules and play dates. The notion of management, as the bible intended, centers around the concept of stewardship which simply means one who is entrusted with managing the property of another. Stewards maintain, protect, nurture and develop the “talents” of others, which is the same goal of the Human Resource Manager. Every organization can benefit from incorporating God’s principles within their workplace. The principles which He has laid out for us are good and practical; all of the things which are needed to combat the secular things we deal with on a daily basis in the world today. Many would say you should not mix church and state, however, by addressing situations with a Christian worldview, we are merely treating others with respect and dignity, all of the things employees are seeking in organizations. There have been organizations which were not ran in such a manner, while they

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