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Essay #1 The questions is to come up with 2 reasons I believe people should live by the moral code. Well as a Christian (Roman Catholic) I could come up with 10 of them which are called the Ten Commandments but I guess I can only pick two. Before going through the deep stuff I’m going to discuss why people should live by any moral code. Having a moral code to me is important because it keeps most of the things and people sane. Its pretty much like laws that we have in society but these one there is no one like the police regulating it. We ourselves choose to follow it and if we don’t like laws there is consequences. We’re suppose to learn these moral codes from our parents because they learned it from their parents who’s parents they learned from an so on. These moral codes are suppose to shape us to be a well valuable individual through our life. My two moral codes that I believe people should live by are: Treat others the way you would want them to treat you and Integrity. I strongly believe treating people the way you would want to treated is a good example of a moral code to live by because its an important part of human relation. This moral code also know as one of the Golden Rule is found in every religious writing of every religion. I think it brings out the human in us because it can be brought up in any situation especially a tragic situation. During the racial battle of the Kennedy’s year, President Kennedy used this Golden Rule to bring light to fight of bringing blacks and white together. He asked the whites the question of if the situation was switched. so this moral code as played a big part in major events but it doesn’t even have to be major to take effect. It could be as easy as talking to someone at school who’s seating by themselves at lunch and maybe that in counter could lead to something special as a friendship. So I believe treating

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