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Christian View Essay

  • Submitted by: mads316
  • on March 1, 2014
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How my view of Christian Scripture has changed as a result of this class
This quarter I have broadened my views and knowledge of Christian Scriptures. I knew I would learn about the bible but I never imagined I would learn the things that I did. I really enjoyed how thought provoking this class has been. I got questions answered that I didn’t even know I had. One thing that I will take away from this class is that it is okay to have questions and even feel disturbed by parts of the bible. I always thought that I had to be completely comfortable and understand 100% of every bit of the bible. However, I have learned that it is okay to continually struggle and wrestle with questions and concerns.
One of the contextual readings I did was about how we are blinded by our culture when it comes to reading the bible. This article opened my eyes to whole new way of viewing Scripture. Along with class lectures I have learned that I need to remember that the bible is not a book written in modern day language with modern day norms applied. The bible is old and so are the customs that are included in it. I had never thought about how unfamiliar the entire bible is. I cannot pretend like I know all about biblical times or understand every story and parable told but I can work toward gaining an understanding. I need to open my mind and not try to force current norms and customs on a book written years and years ago. I loved learning about how different cultures view the bible and how our translations of stories can differ so vastly depending on our location and culture. This is one thing that I learned and would love to continue learning about.
Another thing that changed my view on scripture was learning that there are more books than the ones included in the bible I use. I was not aware that there were books that didn’t make it. Learning this changed my view because I now have questions such as, ‘are important pieces missing?’   I also feel like I have a deeper...

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