Christian Salvation Through Father Renteria

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Christian Salvation Through Father Renteria Juan Rulfo’s attempt to expose his time era’s dishonest establishments is successful as he employs Comala to be a haven of corruption. One of Rulfo’s main targets is the Catholic Church and how it forces the townspeople to live subpar in order to be allowed to enter into heaven. Rulfo places the Church in the middle of hell and shows the outcome of this foil. In reality the Church cons the people to take as much money as they can. The theme of salvation is emphasized immorally by Father Renteria. Comala is a town chosen to be representative of hell. Even in the beginning of the novel, Rulfo describes Comala’s hellish traits through the description on the way there. “Up- and downhill we went, but always descending” (Rulfo 5) describes geographically how one must go into the pits of hell. Comala instead of being hot and dry land, it is, as seen in Dante’s Inferno, actually cold. "They say that when people from there die and go to hell, they come back for a blanket" (Rulfo 6). According to Dante’s Inferno, the lowest possible level of hell is the 7th level and it is freezing cold. Comala is near last, probably around the 6th level as blankets are needed to stay there for eternity. are all Catholic. They live in a state of sin, and most of them seek redemption and ultimate salvation after death. As the priest, Father Rentería is responsible for the health of their souls and for their salvation. However, the souls end up wandering the town in purgatory after death. No one finds salvation. The two characters who notably do not seek salvation of the soul are don Pedro and Susana. Don Pedro seeks, not salvation, but only Susana. Susana seeks, not salvation, but the sensual joy she found with her husband. These become a kind of salvation for the two characters, but for them, as for the sinners, salvation is out of reach.

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