Christian Perspective of Dating Essay

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Resource List * Eastham Chad, Farrel Bill and Farrel Pam, Guys are Waffles Girls are Spaghetti, 2009, Thomas Nelson, pages 113-136. I used this book to not only see the perspective of dating from a Christian teenagers’ point of view but also to learn about and contrast the different perspective Christian boys and girls have. It was easy to read and understand which made this book quite useful. It also explores the perspectives of dating from a non-Christian view which enabled me to contrast and to evaluate the impact Christianity as a religion had on the perspective of dating. This book was also where I got the clearest meaning of the term ‘dating.’ It is my 1st foot note. Without knowing much about ‘dating’, I would not have been able to get very far with my research. In fact, it was this book that first inspired me to choose my topic question. * Howitt Bernie and Julian Robin, Heinemann Society and Culture Second Edition, 2009, Pearson Education Australia, Pages 39-67 and 117-153. This Society and Culture textbook helped me familiarise myself with concepts and also gave great tips in doing a PIP. I found it extremely useful as it was really good revision, and although it stated what I mostly already learnt, it was great to see examples of excerpts from previous PIP’s to give me confidence in doing mine. It also provided great tips on interviews and conducting surveys, the do’s and don’ts. As I was completing my PIP, I constantly referred back to it to ensure I was integrating as much Society and Culture concepts as I could and to read more of the Society and Culture style and language to incorporate appropriate language into my PIP. I found it extremely beneficial in not only providing useful content but great examples of writing techniques and using references. * Demoss Nancy Leigh and GreshDannah, Lies young women believe, 2008, Moody

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