Christian Education Essay

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Introduction Christian education is almost like true education which is more than a preparation for the life that is now. It is important to us because without it we will not know the direction in which God wants us to be heading in. The path would not be known to us unless we were given some sort or direction from God himself, and most of the time we receive it while we are still children. According to the bible, you train a child so that when he/she becomes older they will know the path that God has chosen for them. We must be taught as children through Christian education so that over time we will obtain any and all knowledge that will be taught to us throughout our lives. Christian education is a God ordained covenantal process and the denomination established to lead, nurture, and instruct its people. When the Presbyterian Church in America was established, Christian Education was also established but first as a committee. The Christian church created the bases of the Western system of education. From its beginning the Christian community faced external and internal challenges to its faith, which it met by developing and utilizing intellectual and educational resources. The response to the external challenge of rival religions and philosophical perspectives is termed ‘apologetics’, which is the intellectual defense of the faith and faith in this instance is knowing and believing that through Christian education we are learning more and more about Christ. Even though we are unable to see him we still know that he is there because of faith, we are sometimes able to hear him but a some of us try to block him out because we are not hearing what we want to hear from him. Faith is what binds us to him Jesus Christ, and through faith we are learning and obtaining more Christian education. Chapter 1 The purpose of Christian education, the primary task of every
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