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Christian Code of Ethics Essay

  • Submitted by: athomas54
  • on December 3, 2013
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Doctoral Psychology
A psychologist who is a Christian is conducting research. The conclusions of the research seem to run contrary to the psychologist‘s Christian beliefs. What is the most ethical action for this psychologist and why?
As a Christian psychologist, would you obey commands to shock an innocent person to death? Would almost anybody? Empirically it is wrong (Burger, 2009). While carrying out research, the psychologist must steadily be conscious of set of guidelines and rules of the core of the APA Ethics Code of do good and do no harm (APA, 2010). As mentioned above, if the psychologist, see his outcomes are archaic with his beliefs, he should deliberate with other experienced colleagues, and perhaps discontinue the research. Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS, 2005) contends that a “Christian Psychologists can habituate oneself with psychological practice that is congruent with the conviction that he holds very dare (Module 2, Lecture note). Christian or non-Christian psychologists are to present their research with “honesty and integrity”. If the researcher observes the directive of do no harm, and these three principles than they may avoid running into this sort of ethical dilemma. The APA Ethics Code supports the obligation to safeguard that each research participator is adequately notified of the constitution of the research as well as its perils and privileges, and then declassified the results with their client/patient (Fisher, 2009). Research must have the utmost best interest of client in mind. An erudite researcher should consistently examine his client to be certain that they not sustain adversity notable consequences.
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