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Hunter Lockwood 5-5-15 HIST-1301 Section 403 A Model of Christian Charity In A Model of Christian Charity, John Winthrop is addressing the men, women, and children aboard the Arbella, a ship among a fleet owned by the Massachusetts Bay Company in 1629 on its way to America and governed by John Winthrop. This fleet of ships was transporting puritan people to America where they planned to start a new colony under the lead of John Winthrop. It is important to remember that the people aboard the vessels didn’t necessarily have anything in common or any past experiences with each other except for the fact that they were Puritans. Many of these people leaving, including John Winthrop, thought the church of England as corrupt, misinformed, The speech given by John aboard the Arbella depicted the way the puritans should conduct themselves and go about their lives as a Christian community trying to start a new life free of religious persecution. He begins his speech by asking why some men are rich while others are poor. He believes that the citizens should take it among themselves to selflessly accept this sort of wealth distribution for the betterment of the society. He focuses on the charitable aspects of this new community. He states how everyone in the community needs to love one another and treat each other in a way God would approve of. He goes over how as Christians the inhabitants of this society should help one another out. How the ones whom have been more fortunate in certain ways can help those who are much less fortunate. He adds to this with the suggestion of interest free loans and being very relaxed about money and worldly items in general. To end his speech Winthrop states that their new society will be”a city upon a hill”. By this Winthrop means that the populace of America, as well as the rest of the world, will be watching them. There would be

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