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CHRISTIANITY Christianity is a religion that stems from a single founder ,Jesus , or the son of God. It come from the belief that God sent Jesus , his son , to spread the word of God and that there was a almighty one above. Jesus was persecuted for his actions and died on the cross for us , and for our sins. The founder of this Religion , as many believe is Jesus Christ. The place of origin of Christianity is in Palestine and it formed around the time of 33 CE. Currently this religion have about 2,100,000,000 followers or people who support Christianity, as the numbers are always increasing as people are excepting God into their life. Today the religion is located all around the world but thrives in places like Europe north and south America. Christianity has many holidays and a few are Christmas and Easter. Christmas is where we celebrate the birth of Jesus from the virgin Mary in Bethlehem on the 25 of December. Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus and it is followed by a forty day period of lent, which is for fasting and prayer. The main rituals of Christian’s are to go to church every Sunday ( the Sabbath ) and to pray and to give thanks before meals and time of sleep. Some traditions that the faith and religion include are the putting up of a Christmas tree and a start on the top of the tree representing the star the three wise men followed to see baby Jesus on the December 25 in Bethlehem. But this religion also come with a group of people who disagree with the religion. One party or type of people that are not always in agreement with Christians and Christianity are the homosexual group of people. This is because Christian’s do not believe in the same sex have attraction to each other or even having homosexual relationships. This is just an example of people who may disagree with Christianity due to the Christians beliefs and teaching.

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