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Outline for Thematic Paper Christ I. Christ in O.T. A. The word B. The Son of God C. Cited D. Disputed understandings II. Christ in NT A. Political B. Comprehensive and Adoptionistic view C. Who is Jesus Christ D. After Crucifixion E. Disputed understandings III. Conclusion Is Christ the main theme of the Bible? Countless have speculated if this is true. There are numerous themes found within the Scriptures; however, none are as prominent as Christ. Christ is mentioned throughout both the Old and New Testaments. The evidence of Christ found throughout the Scriptures support claims that Christ is the central theme of the Bible. It cannot be more clearly stated than in Revelations “and his name was called the Word of God” (New American Bible, Rev. 19:13). There are two ways to look at the theme Christ. There is the word Christ, and there is the Son of God, who is called Jesus Christ. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word Christ comes from the Greek word Christos that means anointed. Christ is synonymous with the Hebrew word Messiah ( The title of Jesus Christ is “United indissolubly to the personal name of Jesus, the word Christ from then on had an immense broadening, for all the old titles which described Jesus were concentrated about it” (Leon-Dufour 314). Christ and Messiah are mentioned throughout both the Old and New Testaments. During the Old Testament kings were anointed to show their accession. As time went on the term anointed began to represent something different. Many of Israel’s kings were morally and politically corrupt. In an attempt to bring people back to God, a covenant was made with David. The term anointed was used to represent this covenant. From that point in time, all David’s descendants were considered God’s anointed. They were to serve God, and in return, they would be

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