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Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. Today I will be speaking to you about crossing boundaries and the film ‘My Left Foot’. My Left Foot directed by Jim Sheridan is a film that illustrates many aspects of the concept of crossing boundaries. The film is about Christy Brown, a man who has cerebral palsy and yet manages to paint and write with his left foot. Also the film is set in Ireland in the 1920’s, 30’s and 60’s and within these times is the story of Christy Brown. | Boundaries in the film My Left Foot are: ➢ Social ➢ Religious ➢ Disability ➢ Relationships ➢ Family But today I’ll only be talking about 2 boundaries: ➢ Disability ➢ Relationships | | |The disabled are generally labeled in the community as persons|The story of Christy Brown is one of the great stories of human | |who can contribute little, are burdening to their families, |courage and determination. He belongs on the same list with Helen | |incur vast amounts of money required for support and basically|Keller, and yet it is hard to imagine Christy being good company for | |should be seen and not heard and felt sorry for by others more|the saintly Miss Keller, since he was not a saint himself but a | |fortunate. Christy Brown crosses many boundaries- he defies |ribald, boozing, wickedly gifted Irishman who simply happened to be | |the stereotyped handicapped child- he is a hero, a drunk, has |handicapped. | |lustful thoughts, is stubborn will not sit in a corner and | | |feel sorry for himself, he will be heard. | | |Having mastered the physical difficulties of a rigid, twisted |And types his autobiography all with his famous

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