Chris Mccandless Selfish

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Santoyo, Francisco Ms. Predan Writing Seminar B February 19, 2013 Young, Wild, and Free Have you ever wanted to do something crazy, but just didn’t have the guts to do it? Going somewhere dangerous and unprepared for it, can lead to serious consequences like serious problems, injuries, perhaps even death. Normal people may get all prepared for a trip like this, but Chris McCandless went on an adventure to Alaska unprepared and didn’t even worry about the consequences. Regardless of all the warnings he heard from people, Chris McCandless was a very admiring person as he never quit on trying to fulfill his dream and trying to find his meaning in life. He was very Independent, Over Confident, and Selfish. Although many critics considered Chris McCandless as ignorant, naïve, and foolish, his time in Alaska made McCandless understand more about life and how individualism can serve an important role during our daily basis. For…show more content…
His sister and he were always very close and she wanted the best for him, but his parents cared way too much for him, but he decided to leave without even consulting with them first. He knew that his parents would not support his decisions so he went on by himself. He knew that the trip would be very dangerous so he didn’t bother bringing his parents into his life. Once he was dead, and his parents found out, it was very drastic for them. Overall Chris McCandless focused on Individualism, had way to much confidence, and was selfish to a certain extent. These are a just a couple of traits, of this very crazy man who lived life to the fullest. Chris McCandless is someone who young people can look up to as he tries to live life without any regrets, and while you’re young that’s how it should be, because you cannot be old and wise if you were never young and
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