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The Spirituality Of Self-Challenging Chris McCandless was an extremist that used his strong-will to allow him to succeed (excel defines it better) in the activities he performed. His intensity, coupled with his ability to take everything to the extreme, allowed him to become a superb runner. Just as he did with any of the activities he embraced, Chris took running and obsessed himself with it. Krakauer explains Chris’ relationship with running: “McCandless viewed running as an intensely spiritual exercise, verging on religion.” Chris was able to see running like very few students in high school do; he fully embraced the challenge of pushing his body to its limits, and he did it in the most spiritual way. Chris McCandless was a standout runner because he was able to push himself like very few other high school runners could. He would punish his body, and it seems that, being the colossal overachiever he was, he would challenge himself a great deal. The way he lived his whole life was like he was challenging himself to…show more content…
His team was flabbergasted by that kind of talk, but that’s because they didn’t understand what Chris understood: Running, if viewed spiritually, will bring nirvana to the mind as well as the body. Chris believed that he was ridding himself from “darkness” every time he ran; he was “purifying” himself. Chris understood that running is as much spiritual as it is anything. Running is very inspiring and uplifting, much like religion, and the release of endorphins causes a runner to experience a serene joy. As a runner myself, I know how spiritual running can be, and I believe in running. I have faith in the good that can come from it. And similar to a typical religion, I often find myself running in times of doubt, uncertainty, and distress. Running can be my moving

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