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Chris de Burgh He’s a man of course. His eyecolour is brown, And his hair is brown, too. He loves german food, and he loves to make music in Westfahlen. He’s a little man, not very tall. Ca. 1,60m at all. But it’s a great career for a little man, like Chris. Of course he loves his family, too. And he likes Ireland it’s his muse. He said, the only place, were he can compose or write songs is Ireland. He had never written just only one word or one note out of Ireland. It‘s his land, it’s his home. But later he told in Frankfurt that he could write songs everywhere. Also he said about himself: „I’m natural high.“ He ment he‘s natural stoned. You know what I mean. His Songs When he writes a song, he always thinks of things wich are important fo himself. He thinks of the history of Ireland, or of his family or the death or something. In the most of his songs, he tells storys, or fairytails or fantasy stories. And some of his songs are about the death, like i said before. One of this songs is: Don’t pay the ferryman, it’s from 1982. I will play it out for you, now. (Play Don't pay the ferryman) Also he wrote a few songs about the Northireland trobles. One of this songs is „I’m counting on you“ is from 1982, too. Also he wrote rock-operas, they were at least 10 minutes long. And he has written a song for his daughter Rosanna, too. It’s called: „For Rosanna“ And it’s about how he felt, when she was born and when she was grown up, and situations like this. Also he wrote a song for his wife Diane. This was called „Something else again“ and was written in

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