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Chris Connolly Christopher J Connolly was born April, 10th in the year of 1990. His parent’s John and Nancy raised Chris in a small town called Derry, New Hampshire. Over the years this town has grown and so has Christopher. Christopher has two sisters both older than him, he was always the baby in the family. He also has a dog named Bella, who is a dog form of Satan. This dog is fucking evil, it tried to bite my face off one night. The turning point in Christopher’s life was when he received his first Nintendo. Little did his parents know that this would change the course of Christopher’s life forever. This Nintendo was like a drug; you could compare it to marijuana and call it the “gate way drug”. When Christopher began complaining about Nintendo’s shitty graphics and a controller built for a 2 year old midget his parents gave in and bought him a Super Nintendo, when he got bored of this it evolved into a Sega, when he raped sonic and shit on tails he moved on to N64, I was told he did not leave his room for an entire month when he got that system, I mean how could you not with classics like Mario Kart and Mario party. From here his addiction ran ramped; he progressed to a Sega Dreamcast, and was blown away by what was then considered state of the art graphics, when he got bored of that he of course bought a Playstation, I was told if that thing had food coming out of it and a vagina Chris would never leave his room, I even heard the story when his mom walked on him jacking off to tomb raider, JK. He then purchases a game cube where he made his thumbs bleed by playing super smash brothers mêlée for 152 hours straight to get Mewtwo, when he received a Playstation 2 for Christmas he hugged his mom and dad and then killed and fucked some hookers in Grand Theft Auto 3, in that order. One system that really changed his life was when he purchased a XBOX, and one

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