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Chris Columbus; Director and producer Chris Columbus is very well known for his many successful films. Columbus was born on September 10th, 1958 in town called Spangler in Pennsylvania but he was raised in Ohio. He pursued his passion for filmmaking at New York University enrolled in Tisch School of the Arts. He worked on filmmaking for many years before his big break as a producer in one of Steven Spielbergs films. Soon after working with Spielberg, Columbus began directing movies of his own. The two films analysed in order to observe and critique the work of Columbus as a director will be Harry Potter and the Sorcerers stone as well as a recent film, Percy Jackson; Lightning Thief. Both films were a big hit and made Columbus well known as a successful director. Firstly, his style was shown and kept throughout both films in the story and with the characters. Secondly, his camera work and story building allowed the audience to feel the film in a more intimate way. Lastly, Columbus maintained to keep up his hard work and his skill as a director shone through. These two films were carefully observed in a film study to learn the techniques of Columbus as a director. One of the most important roles as a director is style. Columbus showed this in both films. Columbus had a certain way of building his work. He had an interest in showing teenagers and families in a broken situation shine through and prove society to be wrong. He enjoyed the twist of these obstacles with fantasy backgrounds. Harry Potter was film following an orphaned boy who survived attempted murder by an evil wizard. He was unaware of his magical background until he turned 14 and was invited to Hogwarts, a school of wizardry and witchcraft. There it shows overcoming the obstacles of growing up and facing the same evil wizard who attempted to take his life. Percy Jackson is a film about a teenage

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