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Chopin and Male Dominated Marraige Essay

  • Submitted by: RyanRussia
  • on November 3, 2008
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In the early 1890’s, Kate Chopin began writing and publishing works that would become some of the most influential stories of all time. Then, her narratives were largely controversial, sparking debates, and arguments about race, sexuality and the oppression of women. Today, she is considered ahead of her time, authoring details that protested the ways of living. To the average American at the time her literature was notorious and her stories spelled out ideas that were never to be spoken of.
To this day, her ideals of marriage are still considered revolutionary and almost taboo. In many of her texts one can easily detect her abhorrence of the concept of matrimony. In the short story, “The Story of an Hour,” we are introduced to the main character Mrs. Mallard. She has just received news that her husband has died in a train crash. After a brief moment of weeping and lament, she retreats to her room. While locked in, she begins to see that her “body and soul are free.” It becomes visible to her that she has been freed from her marital prison. She begins to whisper words of freedom to herself as she “was drinking in the very elixir of life from the open window.”   This part of the story conveys Chopin’s idea of marriage as jail and the husband as the jailer. Through the behavior of Mrs. Mallard after she receives the news, it is evident that she no longer feels obligated to be a servant; a hard working woman to a loveless and ungrateful husband. Mrs. Mallard then accompanies her sister downstairs and as soon as she reaches the bottom, her husband walks obliviously through the door, unaware of any accident. As suddenly as she becomes aware of his presence, she rapidly perishes from the living world. Later, she is pronounced dead of heart problems, of “joy that kills.” While the doctors and predominantly male society diagnose her death to be of this reason, it is apparent that this is most likely far from the truth. The death of Mrs. Mallard illustrates the idea that,...

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