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How to choose the stream of studies that you like | Usually' a student can select one stream of studies at a time. One can switch from one study stream to another due to various reasons. However' one stream at a time is the wisest selection a student can accomplish as this would enable solid understanding of a subject area or discipline. There are many avenues in the education field. One can select the most suitable study stream which appeals to them. There are students who select the study area that their fellow students select. Sometimes the parents oblige their children to select the study stream they prefer. As an example; if one parent couldn't study the science stream at his/her school days' he would insist their children to accept the science stream. Probably' the children would not prefer that area' but they would prefer another area such as Arts or Commerce. This obligation would hinder the classroom activities in the child and would result in poor performances at the final examinations. Often this type of students would become school dropouts. Thus' the students must possess the sole freedom to select their study stream at school' with some background guidance from their parents. The parents' duty is to explain the pros and cons of the study areas existing at school and the potential for these areas in the job market. Some students are not very clever in mathematics. Such students must not select subject areas that require mathematic principles. Aesthetic subjects such as singing' music' dancing and painting should be selected by students those who possess such abilities and skills. Disciplines such as teaching' economics' history' civics' geography are suitable for students who can spend their time reading extra subject matter books. Students who are full of enquiring minds can select the stream of science and technology. Computer science is not

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