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Choosing a College Major College education is one of the most important decisions of a person’s life. There are so many different career choices, making it overwhelming. It takes a lot of sorting and planning to make this kind of life altering decision. After spending several years in a dead end career, I found myself stuck in a rut. I wanted to start fresh with a new career that is exciting and mentally enriching. Deciding to go back to college; I examined my interests for the perfect career. In my life, several factors initiated me to my decision to earn a bachelor’s in accounting. In High School I always enjoyed math. When asked to choose an elective I immediately veered toward an easy and enjoyable class; math was the obvious choice. Most students went out of their way to avoid it. Friends gave me funny looks after learning I was voluntarily taking advanced math classes. To me it was exciting and I desired to keep learning more. At work about a year ago, I had seen a job posting for a Medical Accounting position. The description of the job sounded fascinating. They were in charge of financing for patients and billing their insurance companies. The minimum education requirement was a bachelor’s in accounting. I decided to discuss the job with…show more content…
The profession has a wide variety of career paths one can choose to specialize in. The opportunities are endless; to start with one can work in a large corporation, with the government, a small business or a non-profit organization. Some of the jobs available in these fields consist of tax preparing, auditing and financial advisor. Several advisors helped me narrow my search of specialized fields to a few that fit my goals and interests. My local college offers an associates and a bachelor’s degree in accounting. The bachelor program is highly encouraged and rewarded with additional federal grant

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