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When choosing a gym one should look at some of the things that are important. Some gyms have too many members that attend, and that can cause a problem because who wants to wait for a machine? Few facilities only offer members to come in during normal business hours; therefore, several people will not be able to work out as much. A number of places don't keep regular maintenance on equipment, and that can cause a pulley to break and hit someone on the head. A good fitness center has only few members, after-hour access, and equipment that is well-maintained. First, a good quality fitness center is one that is not overcrowded. If a gym is overcrowded during the time one goes, then it may not be as enjoyable. Some people go on their lunch breaks to work out, but if they have to wait around 10 to 15 minutes for a machine, then they wasted their lunch break and time. Some folks will cut right in front of someone who has been waiting on a machine. This can cause tension among members. Also, the more members there are the hotter it is in there and worse it smells. Second, a workout center should offer members a key to get in after hours. My friend and I recently started going back to the gym. She doesn't get off from work until 12:30 A.M. It is more convenient for us to go during that time in the morning than during the day. Considering some people do work different times through out the day, it is more suitable for those to be able to go when they are able to fit it into their schedule and not the gyms. Third, the quality of the equipment is most important. No one wants to work out on the machines if they have not been taking care of. If someone gets on a machine and it starts making a lot of noise, then that would be distracting to the other members. Also, if the machines are rusty that could cause a tear in one of the pulleys. That would be a safety hazard

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