“Choose a Medical Condition That Interests You and Reasearch It. Write About the Possible Uses of Hypnosis in the Treatment of the Condition as You See Them. Essay

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I have chosen the medical condition called Myalgic Encephalopathy also known as M.E. I have chosen this because one of my friends suffer from this condition and in the past has found Hypnotherapy has helped her with her daily life. It is estimated that there is 250,000 people in Britain that are affected by M.E, and it can affect people at all ages. There are lots of common effects of this illness like, debilitating fatigue, painful muscles and joints, sleep disorder, gastric disturbances, poor memory and concentration are just some of them. In some people the effects may be small, but in a large number of people who suffer with M.E there lives are changed drastically. In children and young adults, they can find it really hard to go to school. Also in the adults who work, employment can become impossible for many, But for all their social life and family life becomes very hard. It can put a lots of strains on all kinds of relationships. Some people who suffer with M.E can become housebound, or confined to bed for months or even years. Although the department of health now accepts M.E as a genuine Medical condition, to diagnose M.E can still be extremely hard. M.E symptoms present themselves the same or similar to other medical conditions. There is no exact test that can confirm the diagnosis of M.E, which means it has to be a process of elimination before a diagnosis can be made. Although there are a few tests to be done before a diagnosis can be made, delaying a diagnosis is not helpful to the individuals. It can severely affect the individual's recovery if they are unable to rest early,in their condition, rather than having to soldier on. Stress is known to make the condition worse. Symptoms M.E is commonly triggered by an infection. A less common trigger include toxins, vaccinations, major trauma or stress, pregnancy and surgical operations. In
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