Cholesterol- a Physician to Patient Scenario Essay

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Unit 2 Assignment Cholesterol: A Patient Conversation Hi, my name is Rita Olivares, and I am a Physician’s Assistant. I meet with patients on a daily basis; I go over test results with them, along with any medication, lifestyle changes, or treatment options. I spend a lot of time with patients, I break down all of the medical terminology to the patients, and I go over their medication and steps that they need to take to become healthier. This also allows me to get to know a little bit about their lifestyle, which helps me when coming up with a plan for them. For the most part, I see patients that are older, and concerned about their heart health. We run tests to see where their cholesterol levels are, and if they come back ok, they get a clean bill of health, if they’re too high, that’s where I come in. I either offer lifestyle changes, medication, or both. I’d like to share with you how a typical appointment goes when cholesterol levels come back high; my goal by doing this is so that people can be made aware of what they can do to keep their cholesterol at a healthy level. One case that comes to mind, is a patient by the name of Mr. Brown, he leads a very low key relaxed lifestyle. As a matter of fact, his favorite activity is sitting on the sofa, eating snacks, and watching T.V. I ran a test that will show exactly where his overall cholesterol levels are, triglycerides, HDL and LDL. These numbers can mean absolutely nothing if you don’t know how to interpret them, so I reviewed the test results with Mr. Brown and let him know if they are healthy numbers or not. Now, keep in mind what I said above, he does not lead a very active lifestyle, at all. I can tell you now that his levels are not going to be ideal, and since his favorite hobby is snacking and watching T.V., I am probably going to have a very hard time convincing him that he needs to eat healthier

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