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Good afternoon Mr. Brown. The results of your lipid panel have returned and I would like to discuss the results with you. The first thing I would like to discuss is your triglycerides. Triglycerides are a lipid or a type of fat that is found in your body that stores food for energy. (Pignone, 2014). Anything under 150 mg/dL is considered normal. In your case yours is at 145 mg/dL which puts you in the normal range. The next thing I’d like to show you is your total cholesterol. Cholesterol is another fat that is found in the blood. It is produced in two different forms. The first being from the foods we eat. (Pignone, 2014). Red meats, eggs and dairy are all high in cholesterol. (Heart Healthy Eating, 2001) Secondly cholesterol is produced in the liver naturally. However more is produced in response to foods high in saturated fat. There are two types of fats that make up your total cholesterol. These fats being HDL and LDL; which we will discuss in a minute. Your total cholesterol is 210 mg/dL. We consider anything under 200 mg/dL desirable and values 200-239 mg/dL to be borderline high. At 210 mg/dL you would fall into the borderline high category. Next we will look at your HDL and LDL. HDL is “good” cholesterol that helps to remove buildup in your arteries. LDL is “bad” cholesterol that can cause build up and blockage in the arteries. We would like to see HDL high and LDL low. A good way to remember this is HDL starts with and H for high, and LDL starts with an L for low. Your HDL was 33 mg/dL. Anything less than 40 mg/dL is considered a high risk for heart disease. Your LDL is 160 mg/dL, which falls into the 160-189 mg/dL range, which is considered high. Another way we can better understand your cholesterol levels is by calculating your HDL/cholesterol ratio. Yours calculates to .15 which categorizes you as a high risk for coronary heart disease.

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