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Cholesterol, the good, the bad and the ugly. Jessica Juehring Kaplan University This paper will introduce you to different lipids found in the body, cholesterol, followed up by research of low fat and reduced fat foods. It will explain the processes of lipids in the body and detailed research about cholesterol. It will also go into detail about why or why not low fat or reduced fat is similar or different. Phospholipids are an important part of cell membranes because they encase each and every cell. Triglycerides are an important part of the body for fat metabolism and energy production. Lipids also provide absorption of vitamins which are important for the mitochondria and creating other components. Lipids form molecules and structures in the body that the body is not able to form by itself. The body produces fatty acids by synthesis within the body or by consuming them from an outside source. The body produces Omega-3 minutely but you can also get it from outside sources. The benefits of Omega-3 include decreasing depression, arthritis, baby development, disease, lower risk of heart disease, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and dementia. The body also produces Omega-6 but many people eat too much sugar or trans fat for it to do any good. The benefits of Omega-6 include creating hormone-like producing messengers, transmits nerve impulse, and produces pain and inflammation to prevent further injury and inflammation is a trigger for our immune system. The lipid bi-layer or phospholipids bi-layer and cell membrane is a protective sac whose job it is to keep water and other substances in and cells in. Ions can’t cross this lipid bi-layer alone. They must be carried by special proteins. There are two different kinds of Cholesterol, LDL and HDL. LDL is low density lipo-protein cholesterol that builds up in walls of arteries and can increase the

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