Choices In Life Essay

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Life is all about choices. We all face a variety of choices each day and how we handle these choices shape our lives. Our choices shape not only who we are presently, but also who we will be in the days to come. College is one long learning experience in life. Most of the time, we stop, think and choose. There were certain points in my college life where i am faced with a challenge that requires thought; demanding a final decision. I went through a crucial point in my freshman, where i was challenged to either drop or pursue my CWTS 1. The semester was about to end and i still hadn't submitted all the requirements left. I knew i wouldn't be able to complete all sixteen reflection papers in just one night. I wasn't even motivated to start one. I knew i had to blame myself for procrastinating, but it was't a time to sit back and regret.And so I went on seeking advises from a couple of reliable friends. Some of them encouraged me to continue, while some advised me to choose the easy way "just drop it". With that i got even more confused, i knew dropping the course wouldn't be the right way to go for i might regret it later. Finally, i talked it out with my mom. She told me to never give up. No matter where i am in life, no matter what my situation is, i can always do something. on every turn of life, i will always have a choice; and that choice can be my power. Although i had a hard time starting my first paper, I knew i could finish it, along with the motivation of my mom and firm faith in God. Fortunately, i was able to complete all 16 reflection papers overnight wand it was a pretty good achievement for me. Being a student means that we will be required to make decisions throughout our entire school life. We must accept and grow not only from our own choices, but also the decision of

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